Thursday, October 08, 2015

{around here lately}

Hi friends!

How are you? How has your week been? I've been thinking it is a day ahead all week, so basically in my mind today is Friday. Tomorrow morning I'm going to be a bit annoyed when the alarm goes off at 6:20. Oh can't come soon enough!

Here are a few things I've been up to around here...

My first podcast interview! 

My friends Jen and Danielle interviewed me over at She Percolates and it was! I talked about my definition of success, how I balance my day job with my art, who I would love to have a coffee date with, and I spill the beans on my newest project. You can give it a listen here!

This Girl's Doodles out in the world!

I'm super excited and humbled to have my artwork for sale in some local shops! You can purchase canvases, prints and cards at Roscoe's Coffee Bar & Tap Room...

I have a variety of prints at The Tin Cup, an adorable new tea room and gift shop in town...

And my coloring books are available at Veach's Toy Station...

This local support has been overwhelmingly awesome! I'll also have a booth at The Autumn Artisan's Bazaar November 6-7 with lots of new mugs, tote bags, prints, cards and maybe some other goodies. It will be a fantastic place to buy lots of handmade holiday gifts! 


October is my absolute favorite month, and I want to be as present as possible, so I'm sharing a photo a day on my Instagram where I take a few moments to stop, breathe, and be thankful and present. You can find my photos by searching #presentoctober and feel free to join in by sharing your "present" moments. {I did my first periscope about this...are you following me? I'm mandyford_art}

New projects!

I've been busy on a few new projects and I'm so thankful for the flow of work coming my way. This tree is part of a commission piece for a local college...

I created another free coloring page, just in time for all things fall! Click the image to download...

You can also grab the October calendar here.

And if you listened to the podcast, you know that major things are happening with the coloring book!! I can't wait to share more...hopefully next week!

Have I told you how awesome you are?!

I love each and every one of you. Hoping you have a lovely Friday tomorrow...oh yes, tomorrow IS Friday. 


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

{our stripped down selves}

A lot of things have me thinking lately about knowing who we are and liking who we are. 

When we strip away all of the material things, the titles, the accomplishments, the amount of likes and follows on social media, the number of times per week we go to church, the political candidate we support, the brand of religion we profess...when we are stripped down to the essence of who we are. 

What is left? 

Do we like what we see? 

Are we good to other people? 

Do we leave them feeling better about themselves? 

Do we encourage them? 

Do we make time for the people that matter most to us? 

In the end that's all we really have...liking our stripped down selves and being good to others. 



Sunday, September 06, 2015

{new work: planner kit}

It is always exciting when I am asked to create commissioned illustrations, but this project stands out as one of my favorite so far. 

My friend Kimberley asked me to design a "dashboard" for her new planner kit club including the theme "frolic into fall" with all sorts of autumn icons including a cute coffee cup, bonfire, pumpkins and leaves. Here is how the kit turned out {In in LOVE!}...

And here is a close up of the dashboard illustration...

In addition to the dashboard piece, there are lots of fun stickers with the individual illustrations. So fun! 

Here is the link to buy the kit

Hope you are having a fabulous holiday weekend! I'm SO excited to sleep in again tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

{in my sketchbook}

Happy Tuesday friends!

It has been awhile since I shared a peek into my sketchbook on the blog, so I thought today would be a good day! I did a lot of drawing last night preparing some new coloring pages for an exciting collaboration. I'm not quite ready to share the news yet but hopefully very soon!

Here are a few of my sketches from last night...

That super intricate frame in the middle is my favorite...the middle will be filled with an encouraging handlettered quote. 

I also want to say a heartfelt thank you for the response so far to my coloring book. It is super humbling and exciting when people want to pay you to do something you love. 

If you want a copy for yourself or for a gift, you can preorder a hard copy here, or get an instant digital copy here.

You are awesome!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

{who's ready to color?!}

Hello friends!

I'm sorry I've been neglecting this blog of mine. If you follow along with me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook you'll know why I've been so busy.

I've been making a coloring book! And it is ready for purchase!

This book would not be a thing if it weren't for SO many encouraging words from SO many of you, so THANK YOU!

I have two versions of the book available. First is a printable for those who want instant gratification, and the ability to print the pages as you want to work on them. You can grab that version here.

I'm also doing a preorder for hard copies, which you can purchase here

I'm super proud of how this turned out. The pages are all single sided and on cardstock so your markers won't bleed through, and there is a spiral binding which makes it super easy to keep it open while you are coloring. 

I'm just over the moon excited to have this out in the world and be able to share it with you, and I hope if you purchase a copy you have lots of fun coloring my doodles!

And remember if you share your finished pages online, tag them with #coloringwithTGD!


Saturday, August 01, 2015

{Support The Laundry Project}

Do you know what it is like to not have clean laundry for you or your family? 

Would you like a FREE printable of one of my doodles?

There are many people in my community that aren't able to afford to do their laundry...something most of us take for granted. One of my friends has started The Laundry Project, a local non-profit that raises funds and provides supplies for people in our town to do their laundry. I want to help raise awareness for this wonderful project and encourage others to support it. Sooo...

I'm offering a FREE printable of my "Do Love" doodle to anyone that donates $4 or more to The Laundry Project, because that's how much one load of laundry costs, and because the best way to show love to others is to do something! When you donate, be sure to include ‪#‎dolove‬ in the comment box, and I'll send the printable file to the email you use when you give (please allow a few days for delivery). 

Here is the link to their fundraising page:…

Thanks friends, and please share this post if you feel led!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

{free coloring page!}

I've been hard at work on coloring pages for my adult coloring book, and if you follow me on social media, you've seen lots of peeks at them. {Like here and here and here.} 

I'm having so much fun with it! And I'm super thankful for all of the wonderful words of support I've been receiving from friends about the project. You all keep me going!

I'm getting close to having it finished, but until then I thought it would be fun to share a free printable page with my email friends...

To get the page, simply head to my main website and sign up for my email list. You'll instantly receive this coloring page and a fun July desktop calendar {I send one a new calendar each month!}. 

If you color the page I would love to see your finished masterpiece...tag me on social media and use #coloringwithTGD!

Thanks friends and happy coloring!



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